Organic SEO is the process which help to improve your website in google and other search engine. 

Google maps result just show below the google paid Ads and above the start of organic rankings. this will help to find nearest people from your clinic location. We help our client to get their business in local maps asap so they can get more leads. 

Review is some one your client write about you and your services. Now days reviews are playing most important part in every business. so always ask your client to give a best review. 

Yes, we always insist your website designed is a mobile friendly. according to research 50% are people using mobile for their routine search. so in this case we always help our client to make mobile responsive design. 

Yes, we can help our client to make a new website design will me more google and SEO friendly which help them to ranking fast. Also all our website are CRO friendly as well. 

Yes, there are many people now days using Facebook in daily life. So Facebook Ads playing very important role now days for paid and unpaid digital marketing. 

Cost for dental digital marketing like SEO, Facebook etc… are always depends on the services are looking by the clients. you can contact us for 30 minute free strategy session then we can give you best price for the services. 

We always make sure that work with full transparency with our clients. We do manually reporting which is  more accurate compare to any online tools. our account manager will send you a report every month which include keywords rankings and google analytic report.